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    Evans Medical


    Generic name: Chloroquine Sulphate

    Presentation: - 400 mg capsules X 5’s

    Class of Drug: Anti-malaria.

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    committed to your health
    The Pharmaceutical products portfolio cover a range of Non – prescription(Over the counter )
    and simple prescription medicines.
    Most of these products are manufactured in our Ultra modern factory at Agbara Nigeria,
    while a few are imported from outside the country for sale.
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EVANS MEDICAL PLC Evans Medical Plc is one of Nigeria’s largest pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company, It started business in Nigeria in 1954 and has since then been committed to Research,Development and Manufacturing of safe and effective medicines and nutraceuticals of highest standards.

Evans Medical Plc has its manufacturing facility located at Agbara in Ogun State and a Corporate Office at Isolo in Lagos State, Nigeria. The Product ranges of Evans Medical Plc are well over thirty and are household names across Nigeria and the West Africa sub region.


In other to increase the revenue base of the company and to ensure that it does not only remain competitive but also relevant in the Healthcare services now and the future, Evans Medical Plc undertook a restructuring that saw the company metamorphosizing into four different companies.

The four companies are;
1.Evans Medical Plc [Holding]-Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing of OTC-Products.
2. Evans Nutraceutical Ventures Limited
3. Evans Therapeutics Limited(Formerly Cipla Evans Nig. Ltd )
4. Evans Healthcare Nigeria Limited.
Evans Medical Plc celebrated 50th anniversary on the 26th of June 2004. The company new logo [EVANS THE HOPE] was also launched at the occasion.


1. Evans Medical PLC was incorporated in 1954 under the name Allen & Hansbury [Nigeria] Limited.
2. In 1958, the company was merged with GLAXO LABORATORIES LIMITED.
3. In 1970 the name of the company was changed to GLAXO NIGERIA LIMITED.
4. In 1976 the company name changed to GLAXO NIGERIA PLC, [indigenisation policy].
5. In 1979, the company was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
6. 1982 – Opening of factory at Agbara Industrial Estate
7. In 1994, the name changed to EVANS MEDICAL PLC.
8. 1997 - Developed EVANSGEL; 1st locally manufactured Pharma excipient.
9. In 2003 - Forged a JV Alliance with India’s Pharma Industry Giant CIPLA Ltd that gave birth to a Subsidiary company, CiplaEvans Nig. Ltd. in 2004.
10. In 2007, we commissioned a purpose built plant for Penicillin Antibiotics.
11. In 2010 – Completed Factory Modernization Programme


12. In 2014 – A corporate identity change/rebranding of the Strategic Business Unit, Cipla Evans to Evans Therapeutics Limited took place.



Evans Medical Plc has a twelve member Board of Directors comprising of Six non Executive Directors and Five Executive Directors with Chief S.A.Edu as the chairman and Chief Bunmi Olaopa as the Group Managing Director The Group Managing Director is assisted by the other Executive Directors and Nine Senior Management Staff in the day-to-day running of the business.


Evans Medical Plc was incorporated in 1954 and started with the sale and marketing of products of Allen & Hansbury, United Kingdom. The company, in 1958 merged with Glaxo Laboratories Limited United Kingdom and began the sale and marketing of Pharmaceutical products.
In 1963,the company started local manufacture of drugs from basic raw materials. In 1970, the name of the company again changed to Glaxo Nigeria Limited to emphasize its association with Glaxo group of companies and later to Glaxo Nigeria Plc due to indigenisation policy. On 30th of March 1994, the name of the company finally changed to EVANS MEDICAL PLC.


Welcome to the Company. An interesting and challenging experience awaits you as an employee of EVANS MEDICAL PLC.
The Company provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, military status, or In addition, the Company complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the Company has facilities.
Evans Medical Plc has in its employment Three Hundred and Fifteen [342] permanent staff and about Thirty Students on Industrial attachment and Internee Pharmacists.


  • 1. Evans Medical Plc was incorporated in 1954 under the name Allen &Hansbury [Nigeria] Limited.

    2. In 1958, the company was merged with GLAXO LABORATORIES LIMITED.

    3. In 1970 the name of the company was changed to GLAXO NIGERIA LIMITED.

    4. In 1976 the company name changed to GLAXO NIGERIA PLC, [indigenisation policy].

    5. In 1994, the name finally changed to EVANS MEDICAL PLC

  • The Anti-fungal currently in our portfolio is Terbimax (Terbinafine Hydrochloride). It is available as the Tablet and Cream.

  • Ranivan is a brand of Ranitidine Hydrochloride and has been used successfully for the treatment and management of ulcer and associated conditions.

  • Subumol inhaler is a brand of salbutamol aerosol inhalation. It is metered dose aerosol delivering 100 mcg salbutamol BP per actuation, with a specially designed actuator.